Why I am thankful for “not much happening” days

There are times when people get bored when they think or feel that not much is happening in their day. I used to be like that. I felt that spending more than an hour not doing anything is too boring. However, this has all changed when due to the recent past experiences¬†I had. Nowadays, not being able to do anything and just curl up in … Continue reading Why I am thankful for “not much happening” days

First post. First thoughts.

So. How do you deal with life? Some say it’s pretty simple, while some others say it’s a hella lot difficult. I think it’s both. Most often than not, I think life is mostly difficult and we try our best to make it simpler. I am having difficulties in facing life in general. Like, when something good happens, I always know that something not so … Continue reading First post. First thoughts.